World First – A Fully Electric Combine Harvester

Changing the industry approach to agricultural machinery

LINTTAS Electric Company is a start-up company established in South Australia with the ambitious aim to develop the world’s first (built from the ground up) electric combine harvester and to radically change the industry approach to agricultural machinery.

Using an innovative and new world-leading grain separation processes with the potential for patent, the new harvester will enable faster and more efficient grain harvesting, with lower energy consumption and lower costs for grain producers using electrification. Electrification is a first step in implementing major change in machinery design and in delivery of machinery to farm operators.

Our Aim

Our aim in this initial phase is to engage with key government, potential partners and industry stakeholders to understand how best to maximise the future benefits for  agriculture and industry and to influence future policy development. This is a major step forward that if not taken now will be adopted by others.



Historically, Australia has been a key part of the ongoing development of agricultural machinery but presently all major manufacturers are overseas. The LINTTAS harvester is a radical new approach, with efficiency and energy savings of up to 30% and with design features that can be applied across the agricultural machinery sector. The new design uses electric drives, to not only achieve the highest performance but with a much reduced carbon footprint.


We want to establish a new business model with a machine that is fully repairable by farmers and where possible, using off-the-shelf components. The goal of our company is to firstly develop the first fully electric combine harvester, with manufacture in Australia, adopting the latest technologies with performance and price that is competitive in the Australian and global market. Secondly, we want to apply this technology to other agricultural machines to re-align the agricultural machinery sector.

The new electric grain harvester will be suitable and adaptable for a range of crop types and conditions, based on off-the-shelf components, easily updated, and designed to be easily repairable. Using the latest technologies to maximise yield with reduced operating and whole-of-life costs. The machine will be energy efficient with a minimized whole of life carbon footprint. The technology presents the opportunity to revolutionise farm machinery, not just grain harvesting.

Opportunities for Agriculture, Industry and investors

Higher farm production and lower energy consumption, jobs in a new manufacturing industry, a chance to lead the world in sustainability in agricultural equipment.

Register your interest in being part of the story as an advisor, investor, collaborator, supplier of components or just interested by sending us an email with your details.  

We will keep you in the loop as we progress the project.

What do we need to progress?

We want to engage with relevant stakeholders in government and industry and establish compatible strategic partnerships. We want to secure our unique IP and move from idea and concept to market, to now take our design and build a prototype. We need partners to assist in development and to maximise the benefit for local agriculture and industry here in Australia.


Contact Terry Krieg
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Timezone:  ACST (GMT +9:30)